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Give the gift of positive change.

Redeem this gift card just like cash!

Gift recipient can use it toward any Luminaria brand product or service, such as:

  • membership upgrades
  • classes and courses
  • transformative experiences
  • retreats and events
  • anything in the Luminaria Shop!

How To:

Simply choose the gift card amount. Then add your recipient’s name, email address, who the gift card is from, and a special note if you wish, into the dialog boxes. Click “Add To Cart” or “Pay Now” and follow the payment instructions.

The recipient will receive an email within  just a few minutes, along with the gift card and unique number they can use to redeem the card’s value within the Luminaria website.

What if you don’t want to email the card now? Don’t have the recipient’s email address? Want to send the gift card from your own email, send it via post mail, or attach it to a physical gift, send it via social media, or turn it into a stocking stuffer?

Simply enter YOUR OWN EMAIL ADDRESS in the recipient dialog box, complete the payment instructions, and the card will come to your email address instead. You can then forward it on, download it, print it out and mail it, or send the gift card code via any communication method you prefer, all at your convenience!

Gift cards have no expiration date. They can be applied toward any Luminaria brand purchase.  They can be combined  with  other offers. However, The Luminaria gift card is not redeemable on purchases on affiliate sites or 3rd party/partner sites, because those are separate organizations.

How can you use The  Luminaria Gift Card?

  • “Perfect stocking stuffer. It is also a great way to start a conversation about positive change with people who wouldn’t normally talk about it, like my teenage kids and my mom!”
  • “I use it like a rechargeable credit card that does good for my personal growth and for the planet. I send myself a card, and then I know I have money to spend in the right place. Instead of getting on Amazon and promoting things that don’t feel right, it is easy to come here and sign up for an event or support a cause that will make a positive impact.”
  • “It is frustrating to buy gifts for truly eco-conscious people. Now, I just get a gift card from The Luminaria. I know that they will really appreciate it, and it is super easy.”

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